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The Greatest Story Ever! Animation

We are excited to share with you our newest project: a short animated film for children that will tell the "Big Story" of Scripture (based on our booklet, The Story).

This is an effective and exciting way to teach your children and grandchildren the plot line of the Bible; Creation, The Fall, The Rescue, and The Restoration. Additionally, this animation can be easily adapted into other languages, making it possible to reach children around the world.

We feel that once this is produced, it would be an incredible tool for parents, Sunday school teachers, and for everyone to help them understand God's story for their lives through this short film. We then hope to share it online giving it a chance to be seen around the world as it's shared online via social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and others!

Will you prayerfully consider giving generously towards this animation project? Not only can you reach the children in your community, but also around the world!

Help us by giving towards this project:

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As we're just diving into this project, we'll keep you updated as we work on this!

Thanks for your support!

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