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Our aim is to equip believers with tools to share the good news of Jesus Christ, so that one day all people everywhere will have access to the beauty of God’s story.

A gospel-sharing, animated children’s film, app, book and more, designed to show the beauty of God’s story in an engaging way. With The Story Maker, children all over the world will be able to watch, hear and share the gospel in their own language.
Coming October 2017

A children’s film that tells the whole gospel story

There are plenty of Bible stories out there—but what many children don’t realize is that all of those stories are connected together as one big story that points to Jesus. The Story Maker helps to explain the overarching narrative of Creation, the Fall, the Rescue and Restoration in a way that’s unexpected and incredibly engaging.

The Story Maker will take kids on a journey through the workshop and reveal how it all began, what went wrong, God’s rescue plan and ultimately the total restoration of His creation. After they watch the film, they’ll be able to engage in a game on the app as well as a conversation tool where they will easily be able to walk through the gospel story with friends, family and neighbors. When we know God’s story, it changes everything: who we are, what we want, and how we live. Our prayer is that it will be used alongside The Story Film, giving parents and children the same Biblical framework of God’s story.

The film will also be translated and distributed globally, penetrating places where the gospel may not be readily available. Children and parents will have the opportunity, maybe for the first time, to hear in their own language about the good news of Jesus. Would you prayerfully consider helping us launch the Story Maker?


The Story Maker is under development. Help us finish and get the #GOSPELeverywhere!

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See our team’s lastest animations, sketches and storyboards as we progress to a 2017 completion.

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The Story Maker is under development. Help us finish and get the #GOSPELeverywhere!

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An app to reach those with limited or no Internet access or those living in closed countries that deny Internet access. It will include The Story film, Bible text and other resources customized to each region and language.

An offline app to reach those with limited or no Internet access.

We at Spread Truth feel called to be a part of the handful of organizations that are trying to reach the ends of the earth with the Gospel story. Now that Android phones/devices are used in many people groups aroudn the world, we want to provide a free app that introduces them to Scripture and rescue in Jesus, and gives them full digital access to a Bible in their own language.

There is an incredible need for Jesus in places that have little to no Internet activity or countries that do have connectivity but have excessive censorship. This app is built to be offline, never in an app store, and it's designed to be transferred from phone to phone via bluetooth. We’re also developing security features to insure the safety of those using the app in closed countries. This is truly #GOSPELeverywhere.


A beta version is in the works but we need your help to fund the completion & testing of the app.

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We’re working with our partners on a translation list for The Bible App, The Story Film, and The Story Maker.

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This app will be free for your church or overseas with missionaries. Contact us to learn more.

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An expansion of our community-building resource for children that allows kids to find commonality and share stories of their life through their Beginnings, Obstacles, Hope and Future.

A guided journey through your stories and the stories of others.

We created Life as We Know It because stories are powerful. Our stories can be just as incredible, beautiful, heartbreaking, and breathtaking as the fictional stories we watch on television and read in books.

Now imagine a classroom/church/neighborhood where kids of different socioeconomic backgrounds find commonality and empathy as they share their own life stories following four, simple chapters: Beginnings, Obstacles, Hope, and Future. Each child writes or draws a picture and then shares their stories from each chapter:

Every story has a beginning
What do your opening pages hold? Where did your story start? What characters played a part in setting the stage for your life?

Every story has challenges
What difficulties have you faced? Were there dark twists and turns in your story?

Every story has hope
Who or what gives you hope? Where did your story take a turn for the better?

Every story has a future
Where will your story take you in the days to come? What would you like to see in your concluding chapter?


We are developing two versions of the elementary book (K-2nd and 3rd - 5th). Help us finish!

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With increased technology, kids don’t seem able to put themselves in the place of other children.

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See how one principal helped his staff and students know each others stories better.

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A Gospel-sharing animation for children.

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