We all have a story, Let‘s tell them

A resource that works
inside and outside the church.

Use it in your small group, then in your neighborhood to reach your neighbors. Deepen relationships and make disciples with life stories.

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Reaching Your Neighbors

We created Life as We Know It because Stories are powerful. Our stories can be just as incredible, beautiful, heartbreaking, and breathtaking as the fictional stories we watch on television and read in books.

Life as We Know It is a guided journey through your stories and the stories of others. It‘s a resource that will take you deeper into the lives of your friends, family, neighbors, and beyond which reveals your gospel story or others need for the gospel.

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Visit the official website, watch the promo video, or read review from small group expert Mark Howell.

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  • Host A Gathering

    Order a Host Box for two or a Community Kit for a group.

  • Invite Your Friends

    Invite your neighbors, friends, or family to share their stories.

  • Gather Together

    Get together for coffee or dinner to begin and explain.

  • Write and Share

    Meet four or more times to write and share your stories with the group.

  • Build Community

    Continue to engage with those you have shared life with.

The Chapters of our Lives

Share your own life stories following four simple chapters.

  • Every Story Has...
  • Every story has a Beginning

    What do your opening pages hold? Where did it start? What characters played a part in setting the stage for your life?

  • Every story has Obstacles

    What difficulties have you faced? Were there dark twists and turns in your story?

  • Every story has Hope

    Who or what gives you hope? Where did you story take a turn for the better?

  • Every story has a Future

    Where will your story take you in the days to come? What would you like to see in your concluding chapter?

Be the Change

Starting at Home

Your stories are powerful--they have the power to build community, share passions, and effect change.

Sharing your stories can transform relationships with friends, family, and neighbors in remarkable ways. It doesn't take any special training: all you have to do is share.

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Resources working together

Discipleship, Community, Evangelism

All of our complementary resources are designed to serve the mission of the local church. Life As We Know It was created to facilitate better relationships and community within the church and with our neighbors. The Story training was created to deepen our knowledge of God while building confidence in our ability to share the story of God. All of these resources are woven together to see the gospel go forth to the nations to the glory of God.

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A new animated children’s film to share the Gospel story.

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