Advancing the gospel to make Jesus known

The Story

The Story booklet and short film, a captivating tool to share the Gospel story from the beginning.

Our web platform and delivery system to share the Gospel and track metrics of The Story worldwide.

Life As We Know It

A tool to build community and share life through stories: Beginnings, Obstacles, Hope, & Future.

We want everyone to see the beauty of the Gospel.


Captivating Tools

Everything we design has to be beautiful and engaging for the unbeliever.

Full Metanarrative

We want to tell the full story, from Genesis to Revelation. Creation to Restoration.


Everyone has a story. Stories are powerful tools to help us convey truth and echo God’s greater Story.


We're working hard to tell God's story around the world in every language.


All of our tools and resources are built around innovative ways to share the Gospel story.


The power behind our resources is the message we share: the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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A new animated children’s film to share the Gospel story.

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